Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions about the Uncommitted PA campaign.

What is this campaign?

We are a coalition of individuals and organizations across Pennsylvania. Our state is not only Biden’s home state but also a battleground territory for the 2024 presidential election. This makes our voices particularly influential in shaping the national discourse on this issue. By mobilizing voters and raising awareness across the state, we aim to use our primary votes to send a clear message to President Biden—Pennsylvania stands against genocide.

Our goal is to get over 40,000 write-in votes for “Uncommitted” for President across the state of Pennsylvania.

What are you calling for? 

  1. An immediate and permanent ceasefire in Gaza
  2. An end to the siege of Gaza
  3. Reinstate humanitarian aid and UNRWA funding
  4. End U.S. aid to Israel

Do I have to be a registered Democrat?

PA is a closed primary jurisdiction, meaning you can only participate if you are a registered Democrat or Republican.

For your vote to count in the Democratic primary, where Biden will feel the most pressure, you must be a registered Democrat.

How will this help stop the genocide?

Writing in “Uncommitted” will let the Democratic Party and general public know what’s at stake and how many voters they’re losing over their unwavering position on the genocide in Gaza. This will pressure the Biden administration to reconsider their position and call for a ceasefire.

Isn’t Biden calling for a ceasefire and building a port to ship in aid?

Biden has called for a temporary, six-week cessation to the hostilities. His administration continues to ship weapons to Israel on a near daily basis. The President of the United States has more power and leverage over Israel’s government than any other person in the world. Biden has not done enough to prevent and stop the genocide.

Won’t this help Trump win?

Biden needs to earn his constituents’ votes, which means listening to the overwhelming majority who want a ceasefire now. We refuse to believe that we must choose the lesser of two evils, especially without any accountability or pressure to do what is morally right.

How will my vote be counted in Pennsylvania?

Every write-in vote in Pennsylvania will be counted. Please follow the two important steps :

  1. Fill in the bubble next to Write-in
  2. Write in “Uncommitted”

Since we are not on the ballot as a ‘qualified candidate’, our votes are counted and reported within the category with other such write-ins. We are contacting all 67 counties to notify them of our campaign and ensure we know how they will process our votes.

We believe all voters’ voices deserve to be heard and represented in election results. We advocate for our state to establish an official uncommitted option on our ballots.

How are you measuring the impact of this campaign?

The power of the write-in category is that the more write-ins we have, the more we chip away at Biden’s total share of the vote on April 23rd. This is how we impact the election results!

We are analyzing statewide trends for write-in votes from previous election cycles and will be claiming all write-ins as a vote for Uncommitted above the expected totals for the April 23rd primary.

Shouldn’t I just not vote or switch my registration to Independent?

Being part in this mass action helps your vote apply pressure in an acute, intentional, and measurable way that changing your party registration to independent doesn’t.

Why not just vote for another candidate in the primary? Or even a third party?

Every write-in vote for “Uncommitted” strengthens the message of pressuring President Biden to change his policies and actions. Voting for another candidate dilutes that message.

Is this like what happened in Michigan and other states?

Absolutely! Listening to Michigan inspired this campaign. Swing states are crucial to the 2024 election, and we’re following Michigan’s lead.

How can I get involved?

Fill out our volunteer form!

Take the Uncommitted Pledge

If you’re an organization looking to join the coalition, fill out the coalition application.