Uncommitted PA Surpasses Goal!

The campaign exceeded its goal of 40,000 total write-ins for President in the Pennsylvania Democratic Primary with 60,724 total write-in votes.

Over 120,000 registered Democrats withheld their vote from Joe Biden in the April 23, 2024 Presidential Primary Election.

View the vote tally across the counties.

What We're Calling For

  1. An immediate and permanent ceasefire in Gaza
  2. An end to the siege of Gaza
  3. Reinstate humanitarian aid and UNRWA funding
  4. End U.S. aid to Israel


A large majority of registered Democrats are frustrated, disappointed, and horrified by the Biden administration's unwavering support for Israel's genocide in Gaza. Biden won Pennsylvania by just 80,555 votes in the 2020 presidential election. We are using our votes to demonstrate to the Biden-Harris Administration that their support is dependent on their ability to stand with the majority of voters in their calls for immediate and lasting ceasefire in Palestine. Let's show the Democratic Party and Biden that they're actively losing their base that they need to win the 2024 election by not calling for a ceasefire.

PA, WRITE IN 'UNCOMMITTED', photo of a speaker at a rally with a bullhorn, On April 23rd, let President Biden know that Pennsylvania stands against genocide.

How to Vote Uncommitted in Pennsylvania

To vote for a Democratic nominee this primary you'll have to be registered as a Democrat. All you need to do is fill in the “Write-in” bubble and write in "Uncommitted" for the presidential nominee in the April 23, 2024 Primary Election.

Sample ballot that says President of the United States, Four Year Term, Choose One, Joseph R Biden, and Write-in with 'Uncommitted' written with an arrow pointing toward it.
Sample ballot